Denmark High School

National Historical Register Application Statement of Significance

A large part of rural small town community life of the first half of this century centered around the public schools. It is well established that the school, the church, and home played the major roles in shaping the lives of youngsters. Natural warm nostalgic feelings are held for any old school not only by those who were educated there, but also by the many citizens who participated in the various functions and activities that were such a big part of their community lives.

No other structure in Denmark history served so many so well as did the Denmark High School building, the gymnasium, and the athletic ball field. Not only did it fulfill the intended purpose as the facility for educating the youth of the day, but it also extended its use far beyond formal education. The various activities that took place there in one way or another touched and involved almost every local citizen from 1920 until 1957.

Parents, businesses, and citizens alike supported all the extracurricular programs of the student body, and the facility was available and used in many adult community oriented activities. Holiday celebrations, theatrical productions, movies, literary meetings, dances, fundraisers, political meetings, civic organizations, and occasional church sponsored functions were some of the outside uses.

The Denmark High School building and gymnasium to this day evokes the memories of any small town high school building of that vintage, and if properly restored, adequately maintained, and prudently put back into an appropriate use it will continue to serve as a fine example of small town school house architecture of that era.

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